The legacy of Mason Goodnight continues through the Playing for Mason foundation.

On Wednesday, Mason’s family, friends and school officials came together as Mason’s foundation presented his former school, Cumberland Trace Elementary (CTE) with a $50,000 check toward the purchase of a new playground.

“He loved recess, he loved the fun and social side of school. Like the craziest of crazy hair days, that was him. Knowing we’re going to have a playground where he can continue to make people smile. We will have a place to reflect how his life continues to impact our community, our region. It encourages us to be better,” said teacher at CTE, Angie Belcher.

“He was friends with everybody. The playground was a place where he worked his magic and got all of his friends together to have a good time. He looked forward to it everyday,” said retired teacher at CTE, Jennifer Clark.

“When you look around the current play ground you will see different memorials that we have set up for him. When we think about Mason and the impact he had here at the old Cumberland Trace it was big. He left his mark here. And we want to make sure that he leaves his mark at the new school as well and without the foundation this just simply wouldn’t be possible,” said CTE Principal, Wes Cottongim.

“We’re very grateful for Jef, Jana, Maggie and their family for this generous donation. I know Mason really enjoyed recess. He was always very involved in the school. We often tell people there’s different aspects of each day that is most important to our kids. And for some of them it’s recess, it’s that activity of play. And this generous donation is going to allow Cumberland to open with a state of the art playground,” said Superintendent of Warren County Public Schools, Rob Clayton.

“He would always shoot half court shots at recess and he would make like 7 a day. He always wanted to just play he never wanted to go inside and eat or anything he just wanted to play all the time,” said Mason’s friend, Ryan Troutman.

“You know this is a special day to be able to do this and for our board for the Playing for Mason Foundation. It’s just so special. You know when Mason passed this whole community wrapped their arms around us and they continue to do that and they continue to support us. And to be able to give to something that I know Mason would truly love. Both our kids attended this school and it’s near and dear to our heart and it always will be,” said Mason’s Father, Jef Goodnight.